Thursday, September 20, 2007

Trail Work from the Other Side

As part of my vacation, some friends and I did a multi-day trip on the Arizona Trail. Being the trail design/work nut that I am, I took a few photos of trail work in the Grand Canyon despite the hoots and name calling from the peanut gallery (i.e. my cohorts).

As you will notice, there are some similarities as well as differences as to how trail design is approached in the desert southwest.

A familiar sight, a log staircase. However, notice the ditch on the inside.

Another familiar sight, log staircase with stone pitching in the wet area.

Some beautiful stone crib work.

Here is a good example of difference in trail design. Where we usually attempt to get water off the trail asap with the sidehill design, this design pushes water, etc onto the inside then slows through a series of checks (i.e. rocks lined up) to force water to drop setiment so that trail folks can scoop it up and replace (they have to keep all the soil or sand as the case may be they can).

I'm a trail design nerd I know but I can't help it. What is more, I got to talk shop with a few guys doing work while I was on the trail; they get to ride mules everywhere! I'll see what I can do about getting a Konnarock Crew mule team.



Wednesday, September 19, 2007