Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Week 2

Crew 1: New River Relocation

Crew 1 had a great week working on the New River Relocation, a long-term project that will move the AT onto public lands near Pearisburg, VA. The crew built new sidehill trail and several impressive stone steps on the rocky slopes of Peters Mountain.

A mighty fine staircase!
The whole crew pitching in to move a big rock.

Washing dishes on a beautiful spring morning.
Great work, Crew 1!

Crew 2: Georgia

The GATC brought lots of extra help!
Crew 2 went down to Georgia for the first of two weeks of rehab work on the north side of Rocky Mountain. Like much of the AT in Georgia, this stretch of trail is prone to erosion because it's steep and heavily used. The Crew worked side-by-side with GATC members to install rock steps and waterbars.
A lovely new staircase.
These three are justifiably proud of the rock they just moved.

Taking advantage of a beautiful day to check out the view from Rocky Mountain.
Rocky Mountain is home to lots of Catesby's Trillium.
Ready to move that rock into the hole!
Crumbsnatcher is great at crushing rock.

Week 1: A Super Supercrew!

One sure sign of spring: the trail tools come out of hibernation!
Crews 1 and 2 joined forces this week to form an unstoppable Supercrew! The Supercrew worked with PATH (Piedmont Appalachian Trail Hikers) on a trail relocation project near Atkins, VA with the colorful name Desert Dog.

Supercrew checking out the Davis Path site.

Week 1 brought out many experienced Konnarock alumni as well as some new faces. PATH President Jim Houck served his first full week as a Konnarock Crew member, provided dinner for the Crew one night, and even led a hike to the Davis Path shelter site!

Thanks for the great meal, PATH!
Digging fearlessly through steep terrain and stubborn stumps, the Supercrew kept up a great sense of humor and camaraderie all week. Even with a day cut short by rain, they built 850 feet of beautiful new sidehill trail. What a great way to kick off the 2013 Konnarock season!

Introducing Crumbsnatcher the AT Shelter Mouse! With a new set of trail tools that are just her size, she'll be volunteering with the Konnarock Crew all season.