Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Crew Stats, Vacation Time!!

I didn’t want to leave for vacation without thanking everyone who had a hand in our 25th season at Konnarock being such a success! Crew and club Volunteers and agency partners are all a big part of what makes Konnarock such a success in helping to build and protect the Appalachian Trail.

Here are just a few of the accomplishments from this season:

Total Crew Volunteers: 229
Total Crew Volunteer Hours: 9,988

Total Club Volunteers: 248 (on site)
Total Club Volunteer Hours: 3,279.75 (on site)

Total Volunteer Hours: 12,539

Projects Completed: 9

Rock Steps: 139
Rock Cribbing: 2918 ft3
Junk Cribbing: 1173 ft

Log Steps: 188
Log Cribbing: 1309 ft3

Sidehill Trail Finished: 9510 ft
Tread Definition: 2050

CRUSH & FILL!!!: 3088 ft2

Wow, what an amazing amount of work! Of course I cannot even to begin to capture all the good times and amazing people this season!

Thanks again and hope to see you next season!


Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Corn Boil Pictures

The Roanoke Appalachian Trail Club has pictures up on their website from this years Cornboil. You can check them out by going to their website here.


Wednesday, August 15, 2007

~Week #12 Has Come and Gone!~

Wow, we simply cannot believe week #12 has come and gone! Both crews had great weeks to end the season with Crew #1 finishing up work on Cheoah Bald and Crew #2 putting us within a manageable distance to finish Unaka next season. Even I got out and did some work this week(they let me out every once in a while) at Unaka and even got to hit the waterfall (last photo, don't I look happy?).

Although I do not have the figures yet (coming soon), Konnarock's 25th season has been one of its most successful in recent years with thousands of Volunteer hours dedicated to the Trail and we have each and everyone involved this year to thank. So, thank you!

As always, I've included some pictures from the last full week with a few modifications…

More to come.


What a view (not that you need the arrows)...

The "serously bearded" Ted Wilson lost some hair on his days off.

Bees and Brians left hand don't mix (he's better now).

Before and after at Unaka Mountain

I told Aurora she looked like Steven Tyler (rock star, get it?) from Aerosmith; what do you think?

That's some cold water!

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

It's Hot Up in Here.....

Crew Volunteer, Jason Hammer checks out his work.

Melissa strikes a pose.

Hisako smiles for the camera despite the warm temps (notice she's wearing long sleeves?!).

Well, week #11 has come and gone and we're gearing up for week #12 here at base camp. The crews were able to complete another round of projects last week at Angel's Gap and Rufus Morgan despite some pretty warm temperatures. And, with summer in full swing that means only two things, swimming and cookouts! While Ted and the rest of Crew #1 enjoyed a cookout courtesy of the Roanoke Appalachian Trail Club, Crew #2 spent some refreshing afternoons cooling off in the Nantahala River.

Nantahala Hiking Club members place stakes on a newly installed waterbar.

The pile O' stakes...

You would think after hard trail work the last thing on your mind would be push-ups...but at least it's in the river.....

Also, while on the project last week, reporters wrote an article for the Roanoke Times about RATC's 75th anniversary. The article also has some quotes from the "seriously bearded" Ted Wilson, check it out here.



Monday, August 6, 2007

End of Season Dinner

This year’s end-of-season dinner will be held on Saturday, August 18th at Konnarock base camp. As usual, Czar will be cooking up a tasty dinner along with whatever sides folks bring along.

If you plan to attend, please notify base camp (276.677.4055) so we know how much to cook.

See you then!