Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Crew Stats, Vacation Time!!

I didn’t want to leave for vacation without thanking everyone who had a hand in our 25th season at Konnarock being such a success! Crew and club Volunteers and agency partners are all a big part of what makes Konnarock such a success in helping to build and protect the Appalachian Trail.

Here are just a few of the accomplishments from this season:

Total Crew Volunteers: 229
Total Crew Volunteer Hours: 9,988

Total Club Volunteers: 248 (on site)
Total Club Volunteer Hours: 3,279.75 (on site)

Total Volunteer Hours: 12,539

Projects Completed: 9

Rock Steps: 139
Rock Cribbing: 2918 ft3
Junk Cribbing: 1173 ft

Log Steps: 188
Log Cribbing: 1309 ft3

Sidehill Trail Finished: 9510 ft
Tread Definition: 2050

CRUSH & FILL!!!: 3088 ft2

Wow, what an amazing amount of work! Of course I cannot even to begin to capture all the good times and amazing people this season!

Thanks again and hope to see you next season!


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Anonymous said...

That's one fine view and I can't wait to walk our section of the trail when I thru-hike! Thanks so much for the memories, I'm definitely coming back next year.