Saturday, September 5, 2009

What the Heck Happened to the Blog?!

As you loyal blog-followin'-pulaski-swinging folks have probably noticed, the blog has been quite inactive for quite some time. First off, may I offer my apologies for late/improper notification as it would have been more polite to have given some notification rather than none (that means I'm sorry for not postin' nothing...). Anyway, your faithful blog poster aka "Kerry," has taken employment with another organization and will no longer be submitting posts. However, have no fear as a replacement will take up residence soon!

As a quick rap up of the 2009 season, the crew was very successful and we only have you to thank. What is more, the crew was able to repeat their no injury record for a second year in a row! That means everyone from the 2009 season still has their fingers and toes and come dig another year!

Over my four seasons managing the Konnarock Crew, I have come to be very proud of such a great program and know that it really is you the Volunteer that keeps it going and such a success! Again, my apologies and hopefully I'll see you out on the Trail (if you're in TN) next season in my new capacity.