Monday, January 14, 2008

Another Hard Day on the Trail/Matt's Creek

Looking north from a point close to the campsite towards Little and Big Rocky Row just north of the James River

Looking south from the AT hiking into the project site

This weekend I met up with folks from the Natural Bridge Appalachian Trail Club to finalize logistics for the Matt’s Creek Project. Another long day on the Trail being subjected to great weather and views of the surrounding Wilderness….

As many veterans of Konnarock know, most projects entail camping in “primitive” conditions….well primitive if you mean being 100 yards away from the vehicles and sleeping on the ground. Really though, the crew often stays in places that die hard outdoor folk might not deem primitive. But, for the most part this situation works out great as it is pretty nice to have after a long day of working on the Trail.

However, this summer, the crew will have at least one good honest primitive project. The Matt’s Creek rehabilitation is smack dab in the middle of Virginia’s first congressionally designated big-W Wilderness, the James River Face Wilderness. For the project, the crew will backpack into a backcountry site near the project and enjoy really being away from everything (or as close to it by Virginia standards).

If you have a particular interest in this project, make sure to include that in your application. Additionally, if you have any questions regarding this or any other project, let me know.