Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Fire on the Mountain

Using the Pico rock drill, a Volunteer drills holes for rebar

Volunteers from Crew 2 stop a moment for a group shot

Last night we had a full camp with both crews, over 20 Volunteers plus staff, etc, etc….As with every Monday, the traditional "Thank you/t-shirt" ceremony was eventful including a round of "Happy Birthday" (including a birthday cake (plus an american flag cake for Memorial Day)) for two Volunteers and a reading of the "Top 15 Things Ted Does in His Tent When He Goes to Bed Early" (don't ask).

Events on crew were just as "eventful" this week with Crew 1 leaving the worksite a day early due to wildfires in the area (they still managed to complete the project) and, Crew 2 dodging debris while working on Brown Mtn Creek. Alas, all crew members returned home with all fingers and toes in tact and are happy to have a few days off. As always, enjoy the pictures!


Cribbing and a small bridge, part of the Stover Creek Relocation

Crew one displays their might!

Monday, May 21, 2007

New River Relo.....Still in Georgia....

Crew 2 Poses for the Camera

No Boulder Too Big...

A successful close to another week at Konnarock, Christine, Brian, and crew 2 enjoyed some of Czar's homade pizza back at base camp this evening after busting out some amazing trail on the New River Relo. Ted and crew are enjoying some days off at "The Ranch," a cabin rented courtesy of the Georgia AT Club, before heading back to the worksite on Thursday. Meanwhile, Christine will be heading to Natural Bridge ATC land to start work on the Brown Mtn. Creek project. Enjoy the pictures.

Dinner Back at the Campsite on a Perfect Spring Day
That's Some Beautiful Trail!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Week One a Success, Let's Do Another!

Crew 1 On the Finished Bridge

Crew 2 Next to the Finished Privy (nice enough to sleep in!)

With the close of a successful first week around camp the staff are happy to have a few days off before heading out on the road. Ted and the rest of Crew 1 will be heading off to Georgia for two weeks while Christine’s crew will join the Outdoor Club of Virginia Tech on the New River Relo project.

See you on Wednesday evening!


Saturday, May 12, 2007

Black and White...

Crew Leader, Ted Wilson and Assistant Crew Leader, Brian Spang help put finishing touches on steps leading to the new bridge.

Crew Volunteers notch bridge stringers using an axe and mallet.

As you can see, I decided to document today's activities with black & white photos. Both crews are progressing on their projects and will have some great trail, etc to show for this weeks labor. In addition, base camp is alive and busy each morning and evening with crew members reliving the days events or planning tomorrows activities.
More to come!

Friday, May 11, 2007

Communication at Base Camp/Yes, we have WiFi....

Most folks who have come to base camp in the past know not to expect cell service. However, it sometimes comes as a shock to newcomers that they cannot get a signal here; don't even try (cell service is only 15 miles away in Marion)....

However, here are a few helpful hints about keeping in touch with the outside world while at base camp....

  • Bring a calling card. The common area phone will allow you to use a calling card to call long distance; you can pick up a card on your way (they're pretty cheap).
  • Bring your laptop. We have WiFi at base camp in the common area.
  • Turn out. Maybe your week(s) with the crew is your way of escaping the phone, fax, email, pager, etc....


Thursday, May 10, 2007

Day One, Week One......

Alright, we're off! Day one has come and gone; both crews got to work on their respective projects and make quick work of several steps (no pun intended). Crew 1 made big progress on a bridge while Crew 2 spent most of the day hauling materials for construction of a new privy; a big thanks goes out to Paul, Jim, and Chris who each hauled a sheet of 3/4" pressure treated plywood up the mountain!

After work came the annual Mount Rogers ATC potluck dinner; the crew was hungry but as always the club brought out more than enough food (including mass quantities of fried chicken). Everyone is tired but well fed and ready for another great day.

Enjoy the pictures!


Group Shot
A Long Haul....
Flagging on the Privy Access Trail
The Dessert Table (I ate 4 desserts:).....

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

T-Shirt, Late Season Applications....

This Years Design; what do ya think?

Sorry for the lack of posts; we’re pretty busy getting ready for week #1 (Volunteers arrive tomorrow). We’ll have some more pictures/stories to share in the coming days but for now, here is the t-shirt design (easier to see this time) once more; this years design was done by Jack Williams, a past contributer (he drew the crest and various past t-shirts) and a member of Old Dominion ATC. Thanks Jack!

Also, as with most seasons, several weeks in May and June are already full. However, we still have room on weeks in July and August, so don’t be shy with your application; you know you want a t-shirt!