Tuesday, May 8, 2007

T-Shirt, Late Season Applications....

This Years Design; what do ya think?

Sorry for the lack of posts; we’re pretty busy getting ready for week #1 (Volunteers arrive tomorrow). We’ll have some more pictures/stories to share in the coming days but for now, here is the t-shirt design (easier to see this time) once more; this years design was done by Jack Williams, a past contributer (he drew the crest and various past t-shirts) and a member of Old Dominion ATC. Thanks Jack!

Also, as with most seasons, several weeks in May and June are already full. However, we still have room on weeks in July and August, so don’t be shy with your application; you know you want a t-shirt!



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Anonymous said...

Great shirt design this year - finally. Yea - no web address!