Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Fire on the Mountain

Using the Pico rock drill, a Volunteer drills holes for rebar

Volunteers from Crew 2 stop a moment for a group shot

Last night we had a full camp with both crews, over 20 Volunteers plus staff, etc, etc….As with every Monday, the traditional "Thank you/t-shirt" ceremony was eventful including a round of "Happy Birthday" (including a birthday cake (plus an american flag cake for Memorial Day)) for two Volunteers and a reading of the "Top 15 Things Ted Does in His Tent When He Goes to Bed Early" (don't ask).

Events on crew were just as "eventful" this week with Crew 1 leaving the worksite a day early due to wildfires in the area (they still managed to complete the project) and, Crew 2 dodging debris while working on Brown Mtn Creek. Alas, all crew members returned home with all fingers and toes in tact and are happy to have a few days off. As always, enjoy the pictures!


Cribbing and a small bridge, part of the Stover Creek Relocation

Crew one displays their might!

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