Thursday, May 10, 2007

Day One, Week One......

Alright, we're off! Day one has come and gone; both crews got to work on their respective projects and make quick work of several steps (no pun intended). Crew 1 made big progress on a bridge while Crew 2 spent most of the day hauling materials for construction of a new privy; a big thanks goes out to Paul, Jim, and Chris who each hauled a sheet of 3/4" pressure treated plywood up the mountain!

After work came the annual Mount Rogers ATC potluck dinner; the crew was hungry but as always the club brought out more than enough food (including mass quantities of fried chicken). Everyone is tired but well fed and ready for another great day.

Enjoy the pictures!


Group Shot
A Long Haul....
Flagging on the Privy Access Trail
The Dessert Table (I ate 4 desserts:).....

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