Monday, May 21, 2007

New River Relo.....Still in Georgia....

Crew 2 Poses for the Camera

No Boulder Too Big...

A successful close to another week at Konnarock, Christine, Brian, and crew 2 enjoyed some of Czar's homade pizza back at base camp this evening after busting out some amazing trail on the New River Relo. Ted and crew are enjoying some days off at "The Ranch," a cabin rented courtesy of the Georgia AT Club, before heading back to the worksite on Thursday. Meanwhile, Christine will be heading to Natural Bridge ATC land to start work on the Brown Mtn. Creek project. Enjoy the pictures.

Dinner Back at the Campsite on a Perfect Spring Day
That's Some Beautiful Trail!


Eric said...

Looks Great! I see the kitchen was moved from where we had it last summer. I can't wait to get back and help finish what I started!

Konnarock Trail Crew said...


Good to hear you will be returning to the crew; you'll have big shoes to fill as the crew for week #2 dug a ton of trail!