Saturday, September 5, 2009

What the Heck Happened to the Blog?!

As you loyal blog-followin'-pulaski-swinging folks have probably noticed, the blog has been quite inactive for quite some time. First off, may I offer my apologies for late/improper notification as it would have been more polite to have given some notification rather than none (that means I'm sorry for not postin' nothing...). Anyway, your faithful blog poster aka "Kerry," has taken employment with another organization and will no longer be submitting posts. However, have no fear as a replacement will take up residence soon!

As a quick rap up of the 2009 season, the crew was very successful and we only have you to thank. What is more, the crew was able to repeat their no injury record for a second year in a row! That means everyone from the 2009 season still has their fingers and toes and come dig another year!

Over my four seasons managing the Konnarock Crew, I have come to be very proud of such a great program and know that it really is you the Volunteer that keeps it going and such a success! Again, my apologies and hopefully I'll see you out on the Trail (if you're in TN) next season in my new capacity.



Monday, July 20, 2009

Week 9, Ten Here We Go...

Hygiene is king (aka "brothers of the brush")!

Boulder before.


Trail conversation.

I spy Dannon...

Trailside flora.

Gettin' er done (I had to do it).

Step posse.

Another successful week on crew with a soggy end (try drying out a tent in a downpour). Crew 1 finished up work for the season at Hogback Gap while Crew 2 started week 1 of 2 on the New River Relocation.
We're having a great second half of the season with nearly full crews every week but there are a couple of spots still open. Week 12 should go out with a bang as both crews are camping at the same spot. Come join us!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Catching Up!

"Stairway to Heaven"
Tent city at Overmountain Shelter

Ted does the sidehill demo at Roan Mtn.

Crew 1 could see multiple firework shows at once.

Creative light fun on the 4th.

Ah, finished trail!

Crew 1 digs in.

Crew 2 at Hanging Rock.
Completed staircase at Hanging Rock.

Do I need to say anything?

The "slab" part 1 (before).

The "slab" part 2 (during).
The "slab" part 3 (after).

Crew 2 after week 8.
Sorry about the lack of posts, it's been pretty busy the last couple of weeks. After a much needed rest, the Crew got back to work at the Hanging Rock Rehab and the Roan Mtn Relocation. Both crews got a bunch of work accomplished despite smaller crews with the assistance of some great Club members! While Crew 1 worked to build new trail with the Tennessee Eastman Hiking Club, Crew 2 played with rocks with the Tidewater Appalachian Trail Club.
Here at the end of week 8, both crews had similarily good weeks with Crew 1 heading south of the Smokies to start on the Hogback Gap Relocation and Crew 2 finishing up this years work on the Hanging Rock Rehabilitation.
Good times were had by all! (I'll let the pictures speak for themselves!)

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Some Stats

These tools have some miles on them but they're ready for more.

Here are a few numbers from the season thus far:

Projects: Bluff City Relocation, Courthouse Bald Rehabilitation, Humpback Rehabilitation,
Jenkins Trail Rehabilitation, Justus Creek Relocation, Maintop Relocation, Mount Rogers Rehabilitation

Agency Partners: USFS (Mount Rogers NRA, Glenwood-Pedlar RD, Brasstown RD,
Eastern Divide RD, Tusquittee RD), NPS (Blue Ridge Parkway)

AT Maintaining Clubs: Mount Rogers ATC, Georgia ATC, Natural Bridge ATC,
Nantahala Hiking Club, Roanoke ATC, Piedmont Appalachian Trail Hikers, Old Dominion ATC

Crew Volunteers: 106 Crew Hours: 5048 Club Volunteers: 115 Club Hours: 1637

Rock Step: 94 Rock Waterbars: 1 Rock Crib: 185 ft3 Junk Crib: 680ft3 Log Step: 109
Log Waterbar: 3 Log Crib: 32 ft3 Sidehill Trail: 3007 ft. Non-Sidehill Trail: 50 ft.
Tread Def: 3959 ft. Crush & Fill: 1814 ft3 Step Stones: 7 Turnpike: 20ft.
Drainage Ditch: 55 ft. Grade Dip: 7 Scree: 1447 ft3 Switchback: 1 Culvert: 4 ft.
Other: Constructed 6 tent pads

So, what does all that mean? It means a lot of work got done on the AT courtesy of the Konnarock Crew! But, we're just getting started with another 6 weeks left including some of the more technical rock work we'll do for the season (Hanging Rock and High Rocks).

So, thanks to everyone who has come out so far. And if you haven't come out yet, come join us for a week or more!



Monday, June 15, 2009

It's Half Over But We've Just Begun!!

Adam's new advertising campaign.

Even the snakes like the view.

Rock on the move.

Week #6 was a blur! (that's really bad...).

Diggin' Bluff City.

Teamwork gets 'er done! (right Christine?).

Can't beat a trip to the Cascades for a dip!

Rockin! Nice...

Week #6 has come and gone which only means one thing....break time!! The crew staff will have the next two weeks off to rest and get ready for the second half of our 2009 season.

The last week saw Crew #1 finishing up work on the Courthouse Bald Rehabilitation project with the Nantahala Hiking Club. As you can see from the picture, they had a visitor (or better yet, we were the visitors) at the cliffs this week.

Crew #2 broke ground on the Bluff City Relocation near Pearisburg, VA. With the Konnarock Crew, the Roanoke Appalachian Trail Club and an Student Conservation Crew all working on the project at the same time, you know a lot of work was completed.

I'll have some stats in a week or so to share but that's all until now.

ps - a few more folks have volunteered for week #7 but we still have 8 more spots (with some spots on other weeks as well).

After the break, we'll be ready for another 6 weeks of good times on the Trail. Come join us!



Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Week 5 Onwards.

It's not that heavy...Ivan needs to eat his Wheaty's.

Peter Pan Swings!

Privy testing.

Let's eat! Crew #1 chows down with the Nantahala Hiking Club.

Crew #2 near Main Top.

Installing log steps on the Courthouse Bald Rehabilitation.

A bloom with a view (hardy, har, har...)

New trail on Main Top Mtn.
Another successfull week on Crew. A good deal of work was done at the Courthouse Bald project with Crew #1 installing a ton of log steps while Crew #2 pretty much wrapped up the Main Top Relocation in the second week (save for painting blazes and officially opening it).

We're on to Week #6 and almost the end of the first half of the, time goes by fast.

Our Week #7 is still short on Volunteers; we'd love you to join us!


Thursday, June 4, 2009

Week Four is No More...

Tickets to the gun show anyone?


Like the strap says...

I can't see Bob's pants!

Tye River swimming.

Cool Breeze provides some evening music.

Tent City.

Chef Doug.

I "dig" this....

Sawyer Doug.

Spy Rock Pointing.

Swimming before dinner.

Mas pointing.

New Trail. Nice!

The Views, ah the views!

Both crews returned from the week with nothing but good things to report. Crew #1 worked with the Old Dominion Appalachian Trail Club at Humpback Mtn and got after repairing some eroded sections of trail while installing rock steps, etc. At night, the crew was treated to the luxury of Sherando Lake with showers and live music one night.

Crew #2 had great success in constructing nearly 700' of new trail on the Main Top Relocation with the Natural Bridge Appalachian Trail Club. Constructing that much trail is impressive but it's even more impressive considering how rocky the area is...good job! The club also treated the crew to a dinner and some swimming to boot.

BTW - Our numbers are low for Week #7, if you are trying to decide when to come out that would be a good week! Plus there are some good projects. And, we'll find a good place to celebrate July 4th!