Thursday, June 4, 2009

Week Four is No More...

Tickets to the gun show anyone?


Like the strap says...

I can't see Bob's pants!

Tye River swimming.

Cool Breeze provides some evening music.

Tent City.

Chef Doug.

I "dig" this....

Sawyer Doug.

Spy Rock Pointing.

Swimming before dinner.

Mas pointing.

New Trail. Nice!

The Views, ah the views!

Both crews returned from the week with nothing but good things to report. Crew #1 worked with the Old Dominion Appalachian Trail Club at Humpback Mtn and got after repairing some eroded sections of trail while installing rock steps, etc. At night, the crew was treated to the luxury of Sherando Lake with showers and live music one night.

Crew #2 had great success in constructing nearly 700' of new trail on the Main Top Relocation with the Natural Bridge Appalachian Trail Club. Constructing that much trail is impressive but it's even more impressive considering how rocky the area is...good job! The club also treated the crew to a dinner and some swimming to boot.

BTW - Our numbers are low for Week #7, if you are trying to decide when to come out that would be a good week! Plus there are some good projects. And, we'll find a good place to celebrate July 4th!



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Ben T. said...

I know I will be there for Week 7 as part of the TEHCC team. Come on people, you get to see the fireworks from a top of Roan.