Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Some Stats

These tools have some miles on them but they're ready for more.

Here are a few numbers from the season thus far:

Projects: Bluff City Relocation, Courthouse Bald Rehabilitation, Humpback Rehabilitation,
Jenkins Trail Rehabilitation, Justus Creek Relocation, Maintop Relocation, Mount Rogers Rehabilitation

Agency Partners: USFS (Mount Rogers NRA, Glenwood-Pedlar RD, Brasstown RD,
Eastern Divide RD, Tusquittee RD), NPS (Blue Ridge Parkway)

AT Maintaining Clubs: Mount Rogers ATC, Georgia ATC, Natural Bridge ATC,
Nantahala Hiking Club, Roanoke ATC, Piedmont Appalachian Trail Hikers, Old Dominion ATC

Crew Volunteers: 106 Crew Hours: 5048 Club Volunteers: 115 Club Hours: 1637

Rock Step: 94 Rock Waterbars: 1 Rock Crib: 185 ft3 Junk Crib: 680ft3 Log Step: 109
Log Waterbar: 3 Log Crib: 32 ft3 Sidehill Trail: 3007 ft. Non-Sidehill Trail: 50 ft.
Tread Def: 3959 ft. Crush & Fill: 1814 ft3 Step Stones: 7 Turnpike: 20ft.
Drainage Ditch: 55 ft. Grade Dip: 7 Scree: 1447 ft3 Switchback: 1 Culvert: 4 ft.
Other: Constructed 6 tent pads

So, what does all that mean? It means a lot of work got done on the AT courtesy of the Konnarock Crew! But, we're just getting started with another 6 weeks left including some of the more technical rock work we'll do for the season (Hanging Rock and High Rocks).

So, thanks to everyone who has come out so far. And if you haven't come out yet, come join us for a week or more!



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