Monday, June 15, 2009

It's Half Over But We've Just Begun!!

Adam's new advertising campaign.

Even the snakes like the view.

Rock on the move.

Week #6 was a blur! (that's really bad...).

Diggin' Bluff City.

Teamwork gets 'er done! (right Christine?).

Can't beat a trip to the Cascades for a dip!

Rockin! Nice...

Week #6 has come and gone which only means one thing....break time!! The crew staff will have the next two weeks off to rest and get ready for the second half of our 2009 season.

The last week saw Crew #1 finishing up work on the Courthouse Bald Rehabilitation project with the Nantahala Hiking Club. As you can see from the picture, they had a visitor (or better yet, we were the visitors) at the cliffs this week.

Crew #2 broke ground on the Bluff City Relocation near Pearisburg, VA. With the Konnarock Crew, the Roanoke Appalachian Trail Club and an Student Conservation Crew all working on the project at the same time, you know a lot of work was completed.

I'll have some stats in a week or so to share but that's all until now.

ps - a few more folks have volunteered for week #7 but we still have 8 more spots (with some spots on other weeks as well).

After the break, we'll be ready for another 6 weeks of good times on the Trail. Come join us!




Vicky said...

Hahah- I love the shot of the snake!

Ben T. said...

That is one crew member I don't want to work with...

Then again, I guess we all love the views.

-Tennessee Viking