Monday, December 18, 2006

Volunteer Hour Totals

After crunching totals for Konnarock Volunteers in 2006, I am pleased to recognize our top "earners." These folks dedicated a lot if not most of their summer to working on the AT and deserve a hearty pat on the back (sorry, that's all the ATC can afford!). In all seriousness though, a deep-felt thanks goes out to these individuals and, to everyone who volunteers on the Konnarock Crew!

The totals:

1st-Brittany Spencer (250 hours)-Brittany, a student at UNC Chapel Hill spent several weeks at Unaka Mtn as well as other projects with a smile on her face (especially when on crush & fill). We hope to see Brittany back next year; there's a chance you'll see her in a crew leader or ridgerunner position.

2nd (tie)-Ming Hsu
& Yu Ju Chien (245 hours(seated on left))-Originally from Taiwan, Ming and Yu Ju spent multiple weeks on crew working on Humpback Rocks, Pearis Mtn, and the Shelter Roofs project. Presently, Yu Ju is working on her Phd in Minnesota while Ming lives in Taiwan and has made frequent presentations about her experiences on an AT trail crew.

3rd-Jim Kolonair
(201 hours)-Jim, a Konnarock alum, lives in Ohio and traveled to base camp multiple times throughout the summer (he did not Volunteer consecutive weeks) to come work with the crew. A great asset to the crew, Jim brings his previous experience and willingness to help out whenever needed every week.

Honorable Mention:

Frank Klien (192 hours)
Leah Riley (191 hours)
Cory Zimmerman (162 hours)
Sara Zocklein (162 hours)

Well, there you have it; the top "earners" of 2006. Who will it be next year? It's anyone's guess; hope to see everyone back in 2007!

Happy Holidays,


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