Thursday, June 28, 2007

Pre-season Through Week Six Stats

My we've been busy this season! Here's a few statistics/totals for the season thus far:

Number of Volunteers: 136
Number of Volunteer Hours: 5000
Number of AT Club Hours: 1736

Rock Steps: 56
Rock Cribbing: 1255 (cubic feet)
Log Steps: 59
Log Cribbing: 861 (cubic feet)
Sidehill Trail Dug: 5027 ft.
Crush & Fill: 1470 (cubic feet)
Other: Constructed a 22-foot bridge a 15-foot bridge, and a new moldering privy

So there you go, that's pretty impressive work and we still have six more weeks to go; we can't do it without you! By the way, there are still spots available on the crew for most weeks left so if you haven't come out (or you are thinking about coming again) let us know!



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