Thursday, November 15, 2007

Updates, Updates, Updates....

New shinguards, soil bags, and stickers for 2008!

Sorry for the lack of/infrequency of posts to the blog as we’ve been busy outside getting ready for next year before winter sets in. Anyway, a few things to note:

  • 2008 Trail Crew dates should be posted on the ATC website by next week along with the 2008 crew application, as well as an updated projects page for Konnarock.
  • Alumni letters along with applications should also go out in a week or so as well. Remember, alumni application are also available (in the next week or so) by emailing us at or calling the office at 540.953.3571
  • Konnarock Crew Leader, Christine Hoyer, has traveled to Taiwan to consult with the Taiwanese Forest Bureau (and 2006 Volunteer Ming-Chein-Hsu) on trail-building in Taiwan. The first part of her journey is in the Nov-Dec ATC Journey’s magazine.

Hope everyone’s fall is going well!



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