Monday, December 10, 2007

Sinking Creek Mtn------2010

The Keffer Oak, arguably the oldest (over 300 years old) and one of the largest)) trees on the AT

I’m pretty lucky I have to admit since my job requires me to work with Volunteers in the summer doing trail projects and then in the winter I “have” to hike the Trail doing condition assessments. Yesterday (yup, Sunday (no deer hunting allowed on Sundays in Virginia)), I worked. Ok, ok, I went hiking to do condition assessments close to Blacksburg on Sinking Creek Mountain but it was work!

Anyway, it’s a little early since the project (Sinking Creek Relocation) is not scheduled until 2010 but the pictures are pretty nice so I thought I’d share them.


Hikers stile in farm fields (the crew will camp in the field)

Well, the crew will not be working here, but you can hike to it if you still have the energy!

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