Thursday, April 24, 2008

We got the skillz (aka Boo-ya)...

This is a strange post I must admit. The crew just got back from doing their SORO (Southern Regional Office) project checks (Tennessee south). We've been busy doing training; getting prepped for the season etc and we'll soon have more pictures to post…..

But, for now it's time to gloat, hold our heads up high and say a big nanny-boo boo to Mr. Boudman…He said it couldn't be done, he said we'd hit the privy or the shelter (or both) and he even laid a big, fat $1 bet on it. Well Bill, check the pictures, that's all I can say…

(For those that have no idea what we're talking about (probably 99.9% of you), we're referring to a bet from a club member that when we took down the old, severely leaning-towards-the-shelter Black Locust (that's a tree), it would hit either the shelter or privy. As you can tell from the pictures below, we did neither).

I want my dollar!!


Red arrow: where the tree is leaning White arrow: a good 4-5' of side lean towards the shelter
Pretty small gap for a really odd shaped tree (I hope I don't hit the privy or I'm out a dollar!)

Tree size-up

Hmmmm, looks like I made myself some sweet cash (I can buy 1/3 gallon of gas!)

Here's my dollar, where's yours?

Yeah! Vroom! Yeah!


Anonymous said...

Exciting stuff. Tell Bill to hurry and pay you - in a week, it'll be down to 1/8 gal of gas.

Anonymous said...

Ha. Just to put things in perspective it just cost me $8.03 to put a US gallon of gas into my car. I have no sympathy!

I am from England though...