Saturday, May 10, 2008

Day Two.

The cake says it all.
Handing out Deans 25 year service award.

Theo digs in to set a rock step.

Davis Path Shelter before.

Davis Path Shelter during.

Davis Path platform.

Along with the dinner festivities on Thursday night, the crew celebrated Konnarock's longest Volunteer, Dean Sims 25th year of Volunteering. Dean was awarded a 25 year service award from the ATC in addition to an award for working over 7000 hours!! for the United States Forest Service. The crew is truely grateful for Dean's work over the years and look forward to his involvement for years to come.

Meanwhile, the crews got off to a rainy start yesterday but by midmorning the clouds had parted and crews got to work on their respective projects (while drying out). Crew 1 was able to finish their project for the week by the second day (dismanteling the Davis Path Shelter)! Christine and crew will now head off to do trail rehab for the remainder of the week. Crew 2 is still plugging away at the Route 859 project and anticipates completion by the weeks end.