Monday, May 18, 2009

Week 2, Crew 2

Skywalker's map of the project and crew members.

Doug showes his excitement for the hike.

Czar can do more than cook a mean meal! He assisted the crew in carrying in gear.

Sylvia packs the bear bags before hanging.

The crew holds "court" around the campfire.

Backcountry cooking tent, ah luxury...

Foot sweep!

Diggin' in.
Finished trail. Beautiful!
This week will be quieter around camp since Crew #1 is in Georgia. But, Crew #2 rolled into camp this afternoon after a great week on the Jenkins project. Their weather was perfect (only rained at night) and even woke up to clear skies with temps in the 30's this morning before their 5 mile hike out.

The crew was able to complete a great amount of work on the severly eroded trail south of Jenkins Shelter. Crew #2 will be headed back on Thursday to wrap it up until next season.
Off to eat some delicious homemade pizza care of "Czar David!"

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Alan said...

Thanks for the great blog, Kerry! I will keep up with it until I return on Week 10 for Humpback or High Rocks. By the way, I had an absolutely awesome time! These are all my kind of folk, from the energetic youngin's to, well, Bob. ;-) Dannon and Doug make an amazing leader team! Keep on Konnarockin'