Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Week 11

Crew 2 heads to Flint Gap to work a second week on the relocation. The crew toughed out the 2 mile hike in to the worksite and managed to build 900 feet of new trail - thanks to a lot of help from the Carolina Mountain Club! They also stopped by Bristol Motor Speedway for a tour on the way home! It was another great week! Only one more too go....

The crew getting pumped up for the hike into the worksite!

Hanging out by the creek at the beautiful campsite :)

Bristol Motor Speedway

Whew... sure glad we shoot for 10% slopes on the AT!

Crew 1 spends a second week with the folks of Old Dominion AT Club doing Rehab near Paul Wolfe shelter. They installed some stepping stones across a stream crossing, put in 3 rock steps, cleaned out 12 waterbars, built a log boardwalk over a drain ditch and defined 600 feet of trail! Another awesome week for Konnarock!!

Working on the boardwalk


The crew and some club members

We like to move big rocks!

Using the griphoist to place stepping stones

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Ben T. said...

How much of the Flint Gap relocation is completed? Can't wait to walk it. The climb up the old trail is STEEP!