Friday, May 27, 2011

Week 2 - New River Relocation

Crew 2 headed out to work on the New River Relocation just north of Pearisburg, Virginia. They continued on a 5-mile relocation that will connect back to the existing A.T. just south of Rice Field shelter. The Outdoor Club at Virginia Tech (OCVT) joined the crew for the weekend to help out with this huge project!! And of course they brought some delicious pizzas for the crew too enjoy after a hard week of work. Together, they built over 400 ft of new trail - which is a great amount considering all of the rocky terrain and all of the steps and rockwork involved! Check out some photos from another great week:

Some morning stretches before hiking up to the project site

Digging sidehill

Taking a much needed break!

Lots of rock work this week!

You definitely won't go home hungry after a week of Konnarock!

More rocks!

Beautiful new trail!

Removing some small roots from the soon-to-be trail

Making crush and fill

Spike camp for the week

The Konnarock Kitchen

Crew 1 is in Georgia for weeks 2 and 3 --- check back soon for more photos from their work on the Bull to Swaim Gap rehab project.

Have you been a part of the Konnarock program before?? Post your comments and share stories from your experience on crew!!

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Anonymous said...

I spent a week on Konnarock last year and it was AMAZING!!! Can't wait to get back out!