Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Week 11

Crew 1!!
Crew 1 spent the week working with the Natural Bridge Appalachian Trail Club on the Thunder Ridge relocation.  They were build 600 feet of new sidehill -- wow!  They also put in a few rock steps and check steps along the way to help properly shed water off the trail.  

Digging new sidehill
Rock steps
Beautiful rock work!

Crew Leader, Tori

Crew 2 went up near Catawba to work with the Roanoke Appalachian Trail Club on the Dragons Tooth rehab project.  It's a very rocky, challenging section of trail that sees a lot of visitors every season.  They rehabilitated 280 feet of trail with 39 rock steps and 35 cubic feet of junk cribbing to keep hikers on the trail.  
Using the rock drill

Enjoying the view from Dragons Tooth

Putting in new rock steps

Crew 2!!

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