Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Week 4, May 23-27 2013

Crew 1: Fontana Lake Relocation

  Crew 1 went back down to the Smokies to put in another great week of work on the Fontana Lake Relocation. The crew blazed forth with loppers, hoes, and rakes to clean up the sidehill trail that was dug by a miniature dozer. They also build both log and rock steps, and several brave volunteers jumped right into the mud to build a french drain and dry out a wet spot on the trail.
There were a few roots to deal with in the backslope.

Crumbsnatcher was joined by her mouse friend Harper. Here they are cutting off the top of a stake in front of a log step.

Celebrating a solid new log step.
All done stretching and ready to hike in!







Crew 2: New River Relocation 

Rolling a rock down the trail to build a rock step.
Crew 2 went north to work on the New River Relocation, outside of Pearisburg, VA. They found some BIG rocks!
The team that built these nice rock steps.
The Outdoor Club of Virginia Tech brought treats like pizza and ice cream up to the crew at camp Friday night. On Sunday, the crew bushwhacked along the route of the future AT to enjoy the view from Rice Field. The new trail they built is so pretty, you'd never know how many rocks and roots they had to remove!
Enjoying the sun on Rice Field after a hard day's work.
Assistant Crew Leader Zack Finney jumping over West Virginia!

Campfire time back at camp.
Crew 2 on their beautiful new trail!

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