Monday, March 3, 2014

Fight Springer Fever: Register Now for Konnarock 2014!

Registration is open for Konnarock Crew 2014!

This is the time of year when many hikers suffer from "Springer Fever", a seasonal condition which causes otherwise sensible people to feel helplessly drawn to the summit of Springer Mountain in Georgia at the beginning of northbound A.T. thru-hiker season. Common symptoms include restlessness, daydreaming, and shopping for new hiking gear. Do you or someone you know suffer from Springer Fever?      

Here at ATC's Central and Southwest Virginia Regional Office, we understand what you're going through, and we want to help. We'd like to share a little-known cure for Springer Fever that doesn't require quitting your job or walking for six months: sign up for a week on the Konnarock Crew this summer!

That's right, registration is open and some weeks are starting to fill up! We've got important projects planned in beautiful places for 2014, all the way from Grassy Gap, Georgia to Thunder Hill, Virginia. Sign up for a week today and you can spend the next few months looking forward to a volunteer adventure on the A.T.!

 Click here to take a look at the schedule and reserve your spot on the legendary Konnarock Volunteer Trail Crew.

Konnarock is the A.T.'s largest and most storied Volunteer Trail Crew, tackling vital rehab and construction projects to preserve and maintain the southern Appalachian Trail. Whether you're looking for a unique outdoor adventure, a chance to learn new skills and meet great people, or a rewarding way to give back to the Appalachian Trail, we think you'll have a great time volunteering with the Konnarock Crew. 

Do it for the Trail, do it for yourself, do it for your friends and loved ones who don't want to see you suffer from Springer Fever!
Part of Konnarock's arsenal of trail tools last August.
And now, some photos from the end of the 2013 season! A distinguished group of alumni volunteers stuck around at the end of Week 12 to help clean and sharpen the tools, repair tents and pack everything away for the winter. This included sanding, re-painting and conditioning all the wooden tool handles. These tools have been hibernating in the tool shed at Konnarock Base Camp all winter--won't you help us bring them out to the A.T. for some fresh air and sunshine in 2014?
Crumbsnatcher with the Crumbsnatcher piñata.
The Crew also celebrated the end of the season with a party featuring live music courtesy of Frank Hurricane of "Hurricanes of Love" . The party featured a piñata in homage to Konnarock's first full-season rodent volunteer, Crumbsnatcher the A.T. Shelter Mouse. 

Like the real Crumbsnatcher, this piñata was almost too strong!
Loyal readers of this blog may be wondering, what has Crumbsnatcher been up to this winter, and what is she doing now? To find out, look for Crumbsnatcher AT Sheltermouse on facebook! After an awesome season working with the Rocky Top Crew in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Crumbsnatcher came back to the ATC Virginia Regional Office, where she was a big help at outreach events and wrote a column for the bimonthly email newsletter (sign up here). 

Not as strong as Konnarock volunteers though...
But Crumbsnatcher was born on the Trail, and can't stay cooped up in an office for too long! Last week she hopped on a flight to ATC's Asheville, NC office to meet up with Konnarock Crew Leader Bobby Berry. Bobby and Crumbsnatcher are headed to Springer Mountain for a big hike before the Konnarock season starts. Rumor has it they might also lend a hand with the Southern Appalachian Wilderness Stewards (SAWS) and the DRAFT Crew!
Up here in Virginia, snow from Winter Storm Titan is piling up, so we'll end this post with one of our favorite sunny photos from Konnarock 2013. Send a bit of sunshine our way--sign up for Konnarock today!

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