Friday, September 18, 2015

Week 7: June 26-30, 2015

Crew 1: Wayah Crest Rehab with Nantahala Hiking Club

Crew 1 went to Wayah Crest this week for their first of two weeks working at this Nantahala Hiking Club. The crew worked on a badly eroded piece of the A.T. that was in need of water diversion and steps to alleviate steep sections of the trail.

The crew used locust logs harvested on site -- some of which were cut in advance by the Club -- to install waterbars and steps in order to control water erosion. 

Most of the volunteers had done at least one week of Konnarock before, including Sandy Bell and Clark Britt, alumni who have come multiple times for the last few seasons, and Candice Wallace and Hyesun Yi, two volunteers who had already done previous weeks this summer. Jack Skipper and Patrick Slaughter, an ATC intern, joined Konnarock for the first time and rounded out the crew.

Rain impacted the crew's first full work day, keeping the work site wet and muddy, but the next two days were sunny and productive. 

The crew finished 31 log steps and 8 log waterbars this week, and crushed 92 cubic feet of rock to fill behind these structures. The crew also put in 42 linear feet of junk cribbing -- rock and brush set next to the trail in order to keep hikers on the main footpath.

When Crew 1 wasn't banging out log steps, they hiked up to the nearby Wayah Bald Lookout Tower to watch a beautiful sunset behind the Smokies. From the top of the tower, the crew got an almost 360-degree view of the surrounding valleys and mountains near Franklin, North Carolina.

Thanks Crew 1 for a very productive week at Wayah Crest!

Crew 2: South of Allen Gap Rehab

Crew 2 continued their work with Carolina Mountain Club, rehabbing damaged trail south of Allen Gap near Greenville, TN.

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