Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Week 12: August 3-7, 2019

Crew 2: Spy Rock

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Week 12 is finished and with that the 2019 Konnarock season has ended. It’s hard to believe that it’s over! On the final week, our crew returned to Spy Rock to finish up the blue-blazed side trail. We completed the project despite some unexpected setbacks...particularly when 12 of our log steps and all of our stakes got burned up as firewood. It just makes it all the more impressive that the crew was able to adapt and create an amazing finished product. 

This week we got to do a variety of work: log steps, rock steps, cribbing and LOTS of pinning. The rock drill saved the day in some of the trickier sections yet again, as we had to build on bedrock pretty much the whole time. It really did turn out amazing!

I have to credit some of the great work to how well fed we were throughout the week. We were fueled by one of our volunteers' impressive culinary skills as well as the weekly BBQ down at the Koether’s house which is always a treat. We all got to enjoy the feast that the Natural Bridge A.T. Club provided for us while we sat on their beautiful front porch and practiced doing accents (as it turns out I’m very bad at them). 

We also had the chance to enjoy the incredible view from the rock a few times throughout the week. Some folks even went up after work to watch the sunset and look at the stars from up there. We could even see the Milky Way!

On the last day, we got to stop by the amazing private swimming hole that one of the club members was kind enough to host us at again. Shout out to Sue for being an incredible host! She provided the crew with snacks, coffee, and towels along with a beautiful spot to hang out for a while.

What a great way to finsih up the season!

-Sarah Ellsworth, Assistant Crew Leader

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