Tuesday, January 30, 2007

After All This Time

While stumbling around my office I found a few photos of Konnarock way back when. As many of you know, 2007 marks the 25th anniversary of the AT Volunteer Trail Crew Program and it looks as if it was just as fun back then as it is now (with less short-shorts, afro’s and mullet's).



Beth said...

This is a response to that old Krock photo. I believe that is Bob Smith (future crewleader) sitting down on the right and to the far left is Robert Freis, ATC employee. This had to be in 1989 as that is the first year Bob volunteered and Robert Freis left ATC around 1990, I believe. The 2nd guy from the left looks like Keith Smith (crew leader). -Beth Beary, former crew leader 1991, 1993

Konnarock Trail Crew said...


Thanks for the info. I recall your name coming up in coversation at the base camp clean-up; maybe Hammer or Dean. Who knows what story it was associated with!