Thursday, January 11, 2007

The Process.

Trails Program Coordinator Teresa Martinez enters information to the trail database via GPS on a project scouting trip in the James River Face Wilderness.

Ever/do you wonder how we decide which projects Konnarock does each summer? Here's a quick n' dirty explanation of the process.

Step one: Trail partners (ATC, AT Maintaining Club and, agency staff (USFS, NPS)) identify a section of Trail in need of some TLC that would require a substantial amount of work to complete and/or special skillz and/or equipment. Projects are entered into a trail database; funding from the National Park Service and United States Forest Service is largely based on these data.

Step two: AT maintaining clubs complete the necessary paperwork (project proposal) and submit to the ATC.

Step three: The Konnarock Steering Committee (made up of members of ATC, AT Maintaining Clubs and, agency staff (USFS, NPS)) prioritizes projects based upon need and schedules projects accordingly for a five year (yes, we plan 5 years in advance) period.

Step four (may occur before during or after step two and three): Necessary regulatory clearances (environmental/archeological assessments, etc) are performed.

Step five: Project logistics are worked out with Trail partners including lodging, transportation, and equipment needs.

Step six: Trail Crew Leaders evaluate project goals and logistics in pre-season project checks.

Step seven: We get to work!!


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