Monday, April 9, 2007

Konnarock Steering Committee Meets

The Steering Committe Deliberates Between Proposals

Weekend before last, the Konnarock Steering Committee had its annual meeting. The Committee is made up of both agency and club representatives and is responsible for approving project schedules, proposals, and deciding who gets what. In particular, because the Konnarock Crew is actually two crews that work 12 weeks in the summer the Committee must decide how the crew will spend that 24 weeks. As you might guess, we often have more than 24 weeks worth of proposals each year. Therefore, a majority of the meeting is spent deciding how to “whittle” away proposed weeks to something that fits. In addition, these weeks must present a “fairish” distribution between the SORO clubs (GATC to TEHC) and VARO clubs (MRATC to ODATC) while also taking into account past years with the crew, amount of support given, etc. As you might guess, this isn’t always the easiest of tasks. However, this year proceedings went pretty smoothly; we even got done before lunch (we know what’s important)!!



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