Saturday, April 14, 2007

We've Arrived!!

Outfitting the trucks with toppers to haul all those tools...

We’re in high gear getting ready for the season! Wednesday was the crews first day and we hit the street running! While Czar spent time at camp organizing the kitchen, office, etc “his way,” the remaining staff stayed busy picking up crew vehicles, shuttling tools, and checking equipment. Next week we’ll be out doing project checks with OCVT and PATH as well as dusting off the cobwebs from our chainsaws and getting them ready for the season.

Aside from updating everyone about our preseason activities this is also a notice that we now have wireless internet available free in the pavilion (it reaches all the way to the picnic table!!).

Now we’re high class!!!




Anonymous said...

Looking forward to meeting everyone and pitching in. Sorry I can't be there.

-Brian S

Konnarock Trail Crew said...

No worries Brian, see you in a few weeks!