Monday, July 23, 2007

Konnarock Ingenuity

On occasion, while on the Trail, our crews are forced to come up with new ideas to solve a particular problem. As both crews rolled into camp today I learned of some inventive ways our Crew Leaders and/or Volunteers got things accomplished despite problems.


Is the stake you're using to hold up cribbing a little weak? Well no problem, just use a former Konnarock Camp Coordinator as a "steak support;" just give it a little tap and it will be just fine…..

I really have no idea what's going on here but Janet might want to put a helmet on....


OK, seriously though, while moving a massive amount of rock on the Brown Mtn Creek project, Crew 2 had some technical difficulties with their griphoist. What to do with this massive rock we need to move you say? Well, how about the ole' log roll maneuver? That works…..

A Volunteer "supervises" while others move "mother earth."

Isn't this how they built the pyramids?
We're off to Cheoah Bald and Unaka Mtn for Week #10!



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john boy said...

Another great job at Poor Valley by the Konnarock crew led by Ted Wilson. We were able to complete the relo and also sidehill a lot of the trail leading into Lynn Camp. While work was being done here members of Path opened the balds on Chestnut Ridge and made 3 overlooks. We at Path apprecciate the hard work on Konnarock!!-john boy