Monday, July 30, 2007

Rain Dance, Stop Dancin'.....

Volunteers get to work on a "dry" day..

Is that? Yes, it is, the one and only former assistant crew leader, Ellen Gass.

If you live in the southeast, you most likely had rain recently. Our crews were no exception this week; whereas the season up to this point had blue skies and at times unseasonably cool temps (last week Ted's crew woke up to 40's in the morning), this week was definitely the exception.

With rain almost every day, crews managed as much work as they could in wet conditions. However, spirits were high as the crews took various "field trips" to Joyce Kilmer Memorial Forest and Kincora Hostel to dry out and wait out the storms.

TEHC club members remove one of many stumps with a Griphoist

Hmmmm, don't have to explain this one....
Smiles all around despite the wet weather!
Ahh, Kincora Hostel, showers, laundry, and one of the best hosts you could have! Thanks Bob!

Spreadin' the love, thanks again!

Not to worry though, the skies have parted and the forecast is looking up for week #11 (wow, did I say week #11 already?)!



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