Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Week 5 - Humpback Rocks & Fontana Lake

Crew 1 spent the week working with the Old Dominion AT Club on the Humpback Rocks Rehab project. Humpack Rocks picnic area, right off of the Blue Ridge Parkway, sees thousands of visitors a year and is heavily impacted. The crew worked to close down some visitor created trails and did some rehab work on the popular blue blaze trail headed up to the A.T. They put in 12 rock steps, several waterbars and some rock cribbing.

Crew 2 worked with the Smoky Mountains Hiking Club on the Fontana Lake Relocation. The new location of the trail will provide hikers with a great view of the lake. The crew put in several rock steps, crib wall and dug nearly 300 feet of new trail. It was a steep slope to build on, but these volunteers really went to work digging trail! Check out some photos below....

Crew 1

Rock work is fun!

New rock steps

Konnarock Trail Crew signs!

Regina the Ridgerunner joins the crew for the day!

Closing off a rec trail

Check out that lovely waterbar!

Hanging out on Humpback Rocks

Crew 2

Diggin new trail

Having too much fun! Is there such thing on Konnarock?!

Putting in a crib wall to help support the trail on a steep slope

Dig that trail!

Beautiful new sidehill

Suspenders... not a required piece of gear, but definitely sweeeet!

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