Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Week 6 - Beartown Mountain & Fontana Lake

Crew 1 continued work with the Tennessee Eastman Hiking Club on the Beartown Mountain Relocation. They put in several rock steps and continued digging sidehill. They put in 175 ft of new trail. The crew will be back for 3 more weeks in the second half of the season.

Crew 1! Ca- caw!

Amazing views in the Roan Highlands

Beautiful rhododendron in bloom!

Carvers Gap

Birthday on crew!

Taking a break

Moving big rocks

Evening trip to Mt Mitchell

Crew 2 continued work on the Fontana Lake Relocation. They completed all but 100 ft of the project, building over 420ft of new trail. They also installed 9 rock steps and several grade dips to make sure that water drains off the trail. It was another great week and a good way to finish up the first half of the season!

Digging new trail

Putting in rock steps

BIG trees

Beautiful campsite by the dam

Crew Leader Josh - always having fun!

CREW 2!!!

More rock steps

And more digging...

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