Thursday, July 14, 2011

Week 7 - Beartown Mountain & New River Relocations

After a great 2 weeks of rest (or biking across the state of Virginia, if you're Assistant Crew Leader Jeff!), the Konnarock staff headed back to base camp to get ready for the second half of the season. They started back with two great relocation projects.

Crew 1 went to work for their third week on the Beartown Mountain relocation. They focused mainly on digging new sidehill, but came across occasional rock work projects. 16 rocks steps and 275ft of digging later, the crew finished all but 100 ft of the current relocation section. They have 2 more sections to head back to later in the season. They had a chance to soak in the great views on Roan Mountain and enjoy some live local music as well!

Jeff scoping out the rock steps

Great views!!

Yay Konnarock!

Soaking up some great live music

Measuring the length of sidehill built?? Exactly 48 volunteers long!

You never know what Crew 1 is up too...

Patches from the Tennessee Eastman club! Thanks!

Rare Gray's Lily on Roan Mountain - beautiful!

Konnarock tshirt from '08 - some volunteers just can't get enough!

Sidehille digging - you get pretty good at that on crew!

CREW ONE!! What a great week!

Crew two went to work on the New River Relocation just north of Pearisburg. They had some club members from the Outdoor Club of Virginia Tech join them for a day as well. This week, the crew focused on several large scale rock projects in the area. They put in 22 rock steps and placed 58 stepping stones along a very rocky section of sidehill. They transformed a boulder field into a beautiful but still challenging section of trail. They created and placed 25 cubic feet of crush to fill in the gaps between rocks - that's a lot of sledge hammer swinging! They also got the chance to hang out at Woods Hole Hostel for a potluck dinner! Check out some photos from the week:

Crew Leader Josh!

Yumm... pot luck!

Moving rocks

Crew 2!

Look at that trail! Nice work!

Hanging out at the campsite

Beautiful rock steps!

Wednesday evening at base camp - gearing up for the week!

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