Thursday, May 31, 2012

Weeks 2 & 3

Taking a much needed break
Crew 2 headed down to Georgia for two weeks to work on the North of Rocky Mountain Rehab project.  They rehabilitated over 500 feet of trail and installed 85 rock steps and 11 log steps!  It was a busy two weeks, but with a great group of volunteers, they had a blast!
Do you think we dug deep enough, yet?!

Rock work is FUN!

It's always fun working with the Georgia Appalachian Trail Club!  The crew got to do some exploring on their days off and then hit the Trail for their second week.  

Meanwhile, Crew 1 was hard at work on two separate projects.  First, they headed down to the beautiful Smoky Mountains to work on the Fontana Lake Relocation.  The hand finished nearly 1900 ft of sidehill trail that was constructed by a track hoe.  They cleared major roots, cut the back slope and defined the outer edge of the trail -- GREAT WORK! 

Crew 1 at Fontana Lake
Trail Lunch!

Enjoying a good meal after a long day of hard work!
Week 3, Crew One headed up to work with the Tidewater Appalachian Trail Club on the Meadow Mountain Rehab project.  They finished up the project a day early and spent Monday covering several miles and helping to clean out waterbars and redefine tread -- AWESOME!

Unloading the Konnarock-mobile - ready for a day of work!


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Sherpa said...

We ran into Crew 2 while they were down here in Georgia. My sons and I were amazed at some of the work that was being done. Thank you for all your effort and volunteer time in making the trail a better experience.