Monday, June 18, 2012

Week 4

Crew 1 at Fontana Dam

Another great week for the Konnarock Trail Crew!! It was a week full of building new trail on large relocation projects.   

How many volunteers does it take to move one HUGE rock?!    

Crew 1 headed down to Fontana Dam for the second week this season to work on the relocation around the lake.  They put in some rock steps and log cribbing to support the trail, and finished up nearly 900 feet of new tread.  

A fully packed crew van!

Camping at Fontana Campground
Crew 2 headed north to Pearisburg where they went to work on the New River Relocation.  They put in 50 rock steps and completed 300 feet of tread.  Great work!

The tools to get the job done!

Enjoying the beautiful New River after a long day of hard work!

Crew 2 building steps on the New River Relocation
Beautiful new steps on the future A.T.! 

Finally removing a massive root from the new treadway

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