Thursday, June 28, 2012

Week 6

During week 6, both crews joined together to form a super crew to work with the Mt Rogers AT Club.   They packed up their packs, grabbed trail tools and hiked up to the Mount Rogers high country for a week in the backcountry. 
Super Crew!

Amazing views from camp
Pony in the High Country

Thanks to the USFS for bringing supplies up to the high country and to Anne Maio of MRATC for watching over it before the crews arrived. Unlike a typically Konnarock week, these volunteers camped out a way from cars and civilization – but in the company of many “wild” ponies!   

Dedication to the Trail :) 
New Rock Steps

Hard at work, but having fun!

The popular high country’s unique geology and soil type leave it prone to trail braiding and erosion.  The crews went to work hardening sections of the trail, eliminating social trails, and installing rock steps and water bars to prevent further erosion.  
Hardening the tread

Super Crew Kitchen in the High Country

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