Thursday, August 1, 2013

Week 7: June 27-July 1, 2013

Crew 1: Little Rock Knob Relocation

Beautiful new trail!
Crew 1 headed down to Tennessee, to help the Tennessee Eastman Hiking and Canoeing Club (TEHCC) build a short trail relocation near Roan Mountain. The crew enjoyed digging and chopping alongside the legendary trail maintainers that came out to help from TEHCC.
Building log cribbing.

A little bonus maintenance work...the crew repaired the road they needed to access the work site!

Crew 2: New River Relocation


Crew 2 went north to work on the New River Relocation near Pearisburg, VA.  This long-term project will move the trail off of private land, and the crew is getting closer all the time to the beautiful views at Rice Field.

Building new trail on Peters Mountain is always interesting, since you never know when you'll hit a field of rocks! The crew built some impressive rock steps and cribbing, as well as a lovely stretch of new sidehill trail.

There was plenty of fun to be had after the work day as well. Woods Hole Hostel ( invited the crew over for dinner on Friday, and the crew enjoyed meeting hikers, chasing chickens, and of course eating well at a very special place on the AT. Thanks for hosting the crew, Neville and Michael!

The crew also enjoyed a hike up to Rice Field on a perfect clear summer day, and a dip in the New River to cool off after a hard day of work. Both crews kicked off the second half of the season with great work AND great fun!

Camp time was lively with 3 musicians on crew!
Crumbsnatcher relaxing at Woods Hole Hostel.
The crew up on Rice Field!

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