Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Week 9: July 11-15, 2013

Crew 1: Little Rock Knob, TN

Crumbsnatcher the AT Shelter Mouse worked with Crew 1 this week.

The Tennessee Eastman Hiking and Canoeing Club is relocating badly eroded sections of the AT across Little Rock Knob. For the second week this season, Crew 1 headed down to Tennessee with a truck full of gear and a van full of energetic volunteers to give them a hand!

The dedicated trail maintainers of TEHCC brought their considerable know-how and muscle to the project each day, working side by side with the Konnarock Crew. Projects with TEHCC are always popular, because Konnarock alumni know how much fun these guys are to work with!

Setting up a 5:1 pulley to get this big stump out of the way. 

The crew chopped and pulled out some mighty big stumps, and built cribbing from rocks and logs to support the trail. Thanks for all your great work, Crew 1!
Yanking that stump out of the ground--that's what we call People Power!
Cute little red efts were all over the place.


A beautiful day to dig in the dirt!

A carefully constructed crib wall, as seen from below the trail.

Two thumbs up for the new trail! (Well, at least one.)

Crumbsnatcher meeting one of her heroes: legendary trail maintainer/hostel owner Bob Peoples.

Crew 1 with a job well done!

Crew 2: Rocky Fork Relocation

 Crew 1 wasn't the only crew pulling stumps, chopping roots, and getting to work alongside seasoned trail maintainers! Crew 2 went back to the NC/TN line for another great week building the Rocky Fork Relocation.

The weather was more cooperative than the previous week, so the Carolina Mountain Club's Friday Crew made their way up to the ridge to help Crew 2 pull stumps and dig trail. The Konnarock Crew enjoyed working alongside some incredible veterans of trail maintenance--including Lew Blodgett, who is 90 years old!

The CMC also treated Crew 2 to another delicious pizza dinner in Erwin, TN! On the way into Erwin, the crew stopped by the beautiful Rocky Fork Creek that gives this project its name. Who needs showers, when you can take a refreshing dip in a classic Appalachian swimming hole?

Crew 2 headed back to Virginia with a lot of great memories, and maybe a little dirt under their fingernails. With one more week to go at Rocky Fork this year, Konnarock is making progress on this big relocation project!

Pulling out a big stump with the griphoist.
Proud stump-pulling crew.

Digging in the first day!

Dinnertime back at camp.

Evening sky near the crew's campsite.


Stretching at Flint Mountain Shelter.

Crew 2, on the trail they built!


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