Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Some Numbers...

Here are some numbers from what the crew has accomplished thus far

Volunteer Numbers: Crew Volunteers: 135 Crew Hours: 5208

Work Accomplished:
Rock Steps: 127
Rock Waterbars: 12
Rock Crib: 630 ft3
Junk Crib: 27 ft3
Log Steps: 120
Log Waterbars: 33
Log Crib: 206 ft3
Sidehill Trail: 3966 ft.
Tread Def: 695 ft.
Crush & Fill: 2026 ft3
Step Stones: 8
Drainage Ditch: 27 ft.
Grade Dip: 29
Scree: 780 ft3
Culvert: 5 ft2

Other: Deconstructed Davis Path Shelter, moved logs

Wow! That's a lot of work so far. Let's do it again! Week #7 starts Thursday and we're ready to get going!

See you then,


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