Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Week 8, gRoaning on and Dam Camping...

Crew #2 at Overmountain Shelter.

Blurrrrrry work.

Father and Son.

Work to be proud of.

Smoke on the water (really it's fog but smoke sounds cooler).

Dam comfortable camping.


Smiles in the rain.
Another great week on the Trail has come to a close. While Crew #1 enjoyed some Dam fine camping at Fontana Dam (including seduction of a campground trashcan (really long, but intersting story), Crew #2 enjoyed another fine week on Roan Mountain.
We've got four weeks left this season and there are still spots left on most remaining crews so if you haven't been out this season or are contemplating coming back, we'd love to see you!
Until next week,

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