Thursday, July 24, 2008

Week 9

Crew leaders start to get loopy late in the season.

Cribbing good enough to put a baby in (I mean the Trail)!

Leah works, Dwight supervises....

Cushy PATH-style camping

Trail rehab on Matt's Creek

Someone's first pancake (you know who you are!).

Ted and Dave cutting at Matt's Creek.

What would a trip to Matt's Creek be without a dinosaur picture?

Sorry about the late post as we've been pretty busy! Week #9 has come and gone and we're already onto week #10! Crews enjoyed slightly drier conditions during week #9 but with the dry came the hot! This week is shaping up to be better temps-wise as today has been dry and in the mid to upper 70's; perfect for sidehillin' (which is what both crews are working on this week). For me, I'm headed out to meet Christine's crew for the night and a little work tomorrow!

See ya!


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Anonymous said...

those flapjacks were so freakin awesome!

you know who!