Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Week 9

Crew 1 travelled towards Bland, Va where they worked on the Jenkins Trail Rehab. This week was unlike any other in Konnarock this season. The crew loaded up at the trailhead, carrying food, tools and gear on their back and began the 5 mile hike in. Thankfully, quite a few club folks and Czar (the renowned camp coordinator) helped take a load up to the campsite. The crew spiked camp in the backcountry for the week near Jenkins Shelter. They put in some log steps and worked on defining the tread in many areas.

Gearing up for the 5 mile hike in!

Lots of beautiful fauna along the trail....

....and visiting camp the campsite :)

Digging the bathroom for the week!

The crew and some club members hanging around camp

Hanging bear bags... yes that is four buckets of chicken up there!

Thanks PATH for hiking it in 5 miles!

Trying to stay dry under the kitchen tarp!

Cooking dinner!

Defining the sidehill tread

Campsite filled with beautiful ferns

Crew 2 continued on work at Bee Cove near Fontana Dam. They had a bit of rain everyday, but that didn't hold them back! This week the crew completed 18 rock steps, over 80 feet of rock cribbing, 7 log steps and 265 feet of tread definition. They camped at the wonderful Fontana Dam campground and had a great, wet week of work!

Digging a hole for the bottom step

Hanging out at Fontana

Putting tools away for the day

Muddy crew!! :)

Preparing for the rock crib wall


More rock steps

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