Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Weeks 6 & 7

Crew 2 "hangs" out at Hanging Rock two weeks in a row....

The crew worked hard weeks 6 & 7 and got a lot accomplished, finishing up the Hanging Rock rehab. Along with help from the TATC club, the crew put in 50+ rock steps!! They also installed a few waterbars to help get water of the trail and put in some rock cribbing to help support the tread. They camped at Maupin Field shelter where they had the chance to hang out with a lot of hikers coming through. Overall it was a great couple of weeks!

Working on some tread definition

Proud of their lovely rock steps :)

Resting in a beautiful spot!

The crew putting in a waterbar

Taking off the berm

Lots of big rock moving on this project!

Working on some more steps

Caching the tools for the night

Crew 1 spends week 6 in Roan Highlands then heads off to Bluff City week 7...

Week 6 the crew headed down to Roan with the Tennessee Eastman Hiking Club where they were working on a set of relocations and dug over 1000 feet of new sidehill! Whew! Great work crew 1!! They camped near Overmountain Shelter where they enjoyed the beautiful view and the company of many other hikers. Week 7 for crew 1 was spent at the Bluff City Relocation just south of Pearisburg. The crew dug 800 feet of sidehill, did some rehab, and put in a rock steps as well. They enjoyed a nice dinner with the folks at Woods Hole Hostel to celebrate the 4th of July!

Tents at Overmountain Shelter

Enjoying some beautiful waterfalls after a hard days work

The crew at the barn


BEFORE: Pin flags in, ready to dig!

AFTER: fresh new sidehill

Painting blazes on the new relocation

View from camp @ the barn

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